Cellfina is the newest and most exciting treatment for cellulite to hit the market. The treatment has created quite a stir, because it really does banish cellulite. Cellfina is a fast, painless, minimally invasive procedure that is done in-office, and takes only 45 minutes to perform. We know that the system works, but how much do Cellfina treatments cost.

Cellfina is a cutting-edge treatment for cellulite that has a high rate of patient satisfaction, because of the proven results. Cellfina works because it effectively treats the structural cause of cellulite.

Cellfina treatment is performed with a small hand-held device, which is used to cut away the bands of connective tissue beneath the skin. These bands are interwoven throughout the fat layer and pull the skin downward. Thisdownward tension is the source of the dimpling we know as cellulite.

The results of Cellfina can be seen within 3 months. Most patients notice a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and the results last up to 2 years.

How much do Cellfina treatments cost
The cost of Cellfina treatments varies depending on the extent of the area being treated, and the region you live in. The price is also influenced by the severity of the cellulite, as well as your aesthetic goals. The cost typically ranges from $3,000 -$6,000, and one treatment is usually all you need.

Are you a good candidate?
The ideal candidate for Cellfina is someone of normal weight with minimal skin laxity. It is not recommended for overweight individuals.

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