Cellulite is a problem that affects women of various shapes and sizes. Although it’s well-known that surgery can be used to minimize the appearance of cellulite, many women prefer less invasive methods, so they are interested in finding out – Can I reduce cellulite without surgery.

What is cellulite
Cellulite refers to the dimpled skin that is most commonly seen on the thighs and buttocks. While cellulite can occur in men, the condition is much more common in women. Cellulite usually occurs when the fat layer below the skin pushes upwards against the connective tissue and dimples the skin.

Can I Reduce Cellulite Without Surgery?
Yes, there are several non-surgical technologies on the market that can help reduce cellulite, including the innovative Venus Freeze.

Venus Freeze is a quick, minimally invasive treatment that uses radio frequency energy and pulsed magnetic fields to banish cellulite. The treatment takes only 30 minutes to perform, and there is no risk or downtime. Venus Freeze uses cutting-edge technology that is safe for all skin types.

How Venus Freeze reduces cellulite
The RF energy gentle heats the deep layer of the skin and this causes the existing collagen in the skin to contract, and stimulates new collagen growth. The contraction of the collagen firms the skin and makes it smoother, so there is a noticeable reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

The area may look somewhat flushed after treatment but there is no downtime. Most patients need 6-8 treatments per area to achieve the desired results.

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